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Unlocking Your Creativity: A Beginner's Guide to Automatic Writing

automatic writing journal

What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is essentially a form of intuitive journaling, which is said to be written by the subconscious mind. It has been claimed to be related to self-discovery, spiritual communication, and resolution of problematic situations.

Introduction to Automatic Writing

  1. Prepare Your Space: Choose a quiet, comfortable spot where you won't be disturbed. You may want to light a candle or some incense to create a calm atmosphere.

    1. The idea is that the space should be welcoming and calm enough for you to have a free flow of thought and energy.

  2. Set an Intention: Before you start, you should set a clear intention for your session. This could be to gain insight into a problem, connect with your higher self, or receive guidance from spiritual energies.

    1. If there are multiple issues, seek guidance on what is the first thing that you should work on.

    2. The more specific the intention is the better results are.

  3. Relax Your Mind: Meditate for a few minutes to calm your mind. Focus on breathing deeply and release any thoughts that might distract you.

  4. Start Writing: Open your notebook and start writing. Forget about grammar, spelling, or making sense. Just let the words come. Trust the process, and don't edit or judge—just keep writing.

    1. It can be anything that can flow, a past incident, something that can feel like a fantasy or a sci-fi. It's okay, you have to let it flow.

  5. Reflect and Interpret: When you feel that the flow of words is coming to a close, stop writing. Read over what you've written. Look for themes, symbols and messages that are repeated. Such patterns tend to reflect deeper meanings in your subconscious mind and help shape what you might do or think about.

Enhancing Automatic Writing with Crystals

Crystals help in amplifying the energy of automatic writing by making it even more powerful, enhancing connection and clarity. Here are some you crystals you can use to enhance automatic writing:

  • Amethyst: Known for enhancing intuition and spiritual connection. Keep an amethyst crystal at your writing desk to deepen the insight for clarification of your messages.

  • Clear Quartz: Acts like a master healer and energy amplifier, increasing your intention and any other crystal's energy. Carry a piece of Clear Quartz in your hand or leave it on your desk while writing.

  • Sodalite: A stone good for rational thinking, objectivity, and intuition, it will help clear any mental confusion and support emotional balance during your writing.

  • Lapis Lazuli: Encourages self-awareness, honesty, and compassion. It is excellent for amplifying the powers of automatic writing.

  • Black Tourmaline: Helps protect you from negativity while working with spirit, grounding, and warding off malevolent energies.

Some other crystals which can be used along with these are Moonstone, Labradorite, etc.

If you're interested in acquiring a crystal kit specially curated to enhance your automatic writing experience, feel free to message us to purchase yours today!

Cues to Begin Your Automatic Writing

Use these sample prompts to address common issues. Write one at the top of your page, then let your subconscious guide the writing:

how to automatic writing
  1. For Anxiety or Stress: "What is at the root of my anxiety and how do I release it?"

  2. For Decision Making: "What advice do you have for me in regard to [specific decision]?"

  3. For Relationship Problems: "What is in need of healing in my relationships?"

  4. For Self-Esteem: "What can I do to feel more confident and valued?"

  5. For Career Guidance: "What should I do to be better in my career or feel satisfied/valued at work?"

Interpreting Your Writings:

  • Identify Patterns: Look for repeated words, phrases, or themes. These can indicate underlying thoughts or emotions that are significant to you.

  • Connect Emotions: Notice emotions arising while reading. The emotional responses that are triggered can give you clues to areas needing attention.

  • Look For Symbolism: Sometimes your subconscious communicates in symbols or metaphors. Look at what those symbols may represent in your life.

You can seek help of someone you trust, mindset coach, healer or anyone that you have access to if there are difficult patterns that you are not able to decode.

Begin to accept automatic writing as a key to the knowledge hidden deep within you. This powerful tool will calmly guide you through anything, opening your journey toward growth and enlightenment. Regular use will likely surprise and inspire you by the answers that it will bring and the life transformation that you will undertake. Make yourself known through every word that you write to finally realize the purest expression of your inner self. Start your self-discovery today!

Note : This can be a super deep exercise, and one that might leave you feeling transformed. I'd recommend approaching this with a very open heart and mind. Stay tuned on our Instagram for our automatic writing series, where you get to learn about this practice!

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