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Sodalite is known for enhancing communication and promoting self-expression, making it beneficial for individuals seeking clarity in verbalization and fostering harmonious relationships. Additionally, it is believed to stimulate intuition and enhance mental clarity, aiding in rational thinking and decision-making processes.


₹999.00 Regular Price
₹555.00Sale Price
  • Sodalite, with its stunning deep blue shades and white veins, is a stone prized for both its beauty and its purported benefits. Here's a quick two-liner on what this gem might offer:

    Boosts communication & inner peace: Sodalite is believed to enhance clear and honest communication, while promoting calmness and emotional balance. Imagine expressing yourself with confidence and serenity!

    Sharpens mind & protects: This stone is also associated with mental clarity, focus, and intuition. It's said to shield against negativity and electromagnetic waves, keeping your mind sharp and protected.

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